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TurboXS 2017 - 2021 Honda Civic SI Race Downpipe


The TurboXS Civic SI Downpipe is the Biggest downpipe on the market!


The TurboXS 2017 - 2021 Honda Civic SI Race Downpipe is the largest downpipe offered for the 10th Gen Civic SI. The goal for this downpipe was to make the last downpipe you will ever need for your 10th Gen. We knew we had to make sure we made it right, we used CAD to help design our casting (top and bottom) and our dyno to verify the results. Turbochargers love a low back pressure environment to allow them to do their job efficiently. Ideally you want to have the inlet of the downpipe as big as you can within your space constraints to keep promote the exhaust gas velocity through-out the pipe. We opted to use a 4 inch center section, to help assist our goal to make sure we are not impeding the exhaust gas flow and help keep the back pressure low, bigger is better. We then mate it to our lower casting that connects in the oem location for a like stock fitment. This means our downpipe is 100% Bolt On.

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