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Subaru Pitch Stop


Pitch Stop Mount Fits all Subaru

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Reduce that drivetrain "shudder" you feel during hard acceleration by installing a TurboXS Pitch Stop Mount.  Pretty much any modification you do to your WRX or STi dramatically increases engine torque.  And while the factory Pitch Stop Mount is perfectly fine for OEM power levels, it most certainly was NOT designed to handle the 300+ lb-ft that your typical modified WRX or STi puts out.  TurboXS gives you the perfect solution with our Pitch Mount Stop made from CNC machined 6061 Aluminum and dual cast Urethane bushings.  We chose a hardness of 70D for the Urethane bushings.

Fits ALL Subaru's from 1998 - 2024!

Many of the other Pitch Mount Stops on the market use a much harder Urethane, upwards of 85D or even 90D, or even Nylon bushings that might as well just be made out of aluminum.  While these are admittedly stiffer than the bushing we chose, we found no discernible difference in terms of reducing the movement and the softer bushings we chose significantly reduces the load placed on all of the components in the system.

The TurboXS Pitch Mount Stop comes in a variety of colors including Blue, Black, Red, and Purple. 

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