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  • RX8 High Flow Catpipe

RX8 High Flow Catpipe


RX8 High Flow Cat with Resonator?


The TurboXS RX8 High Flow Cat is a great alternative to running a completely catless exhaust. We use a 200 cell metal matrix cat for high exhaust flow and to compliment the exhaust tone with add a resonator to help lower the exhaust noise and keep the db levels down while maintaining high exhaust gas velocity. Perfect when combined with the RX8-CBE.? This is a high flow cat so you still may get a CEL.

NOTE:  This part can ONLY be used with the TurboXS Catback Exhaust.  It can NOT be used with your stock catback exhaust.  

NOTE:  Rotary engines are notoriously hard on Catalytic Converters.  Because of this, we can not offer a warranty on the catalytic converter.

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